My name is Mansi Kaushik and I'm the founder of Mission Seva. I am an incoming freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles looking to make an impact on the world around me. The idea for Mission Seva started on one sunny day when I came across a group of adults who were laughing, beaming, and just simply having a good time. However, I noticed there was something particularly unique about them. After speaking with one of the parents of the group, I found out they were on the autism spectrum. I felt connected to this group of adults in a powerful way and I wanted to turn this feeling of compassion into meaningful action. Not only for this group specifically but for all the adults who face these such adversities. Thus, Mission Seva was born as a way for these adults and others to contribute to their community, express their creativity, and earn an income. Please join me in supporting the incredible members of Mission Seva by spreading the word, purchasing one of our handmade-with-love products, or volunteering with us.