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Create, Inspire, Sustain


Mission Seva's first aspect is to create. We strive to encourage creativity among the people we help. Moreover, our whole organization is based on creating products to sell. We incorporate creativity in all of the products we create whether it be coming up with the actual ideas or the colors and designs.


The people that we work with are the epitome of inspiration as they inspire each and every one of us to push through life's obstacles no matter how tough. Furthermore, through Mission Seva, we would like to inspire all of you reading to support our cause and even better, help your own society.


The third and final aspect is to sustain. Sustainability plays a big role in the mission of our cause which is to advance the economic mobility of specialized groups. By incorporating all three aspects, we inspire our differently able young adults to create various products which we sell to provide the same with an income. We give these young adults a chance to be able to sustain themselves with the income they earn from the sales of the products allowing them to  live a content and fulfilled life.


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